Coconut Oil and Pets

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? I say, add virgin coconut oil to your dog’s diet, and try again! And while you’re at it, give coconut oil to your cat, your hamster and your horse!

As mentioned in an article in The Telegraph, scientists studying coconut oil and pets at the University of Toronto published an article in the British Journal of Nutrition showing that dogs fed an anti-age diet containing dietary fats found in natural vegetable oils such as coconut oil, can improve their memory and learning skills.

Coconut oil for dogs

These fats are called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) or medium-chain fatty acids. MCTs are unique in that they can easily be converted into energy and provide fuel to maximize the function of ageing brains (animal or human). Pet owners are turning more and more to coconut oil as an easy, inexpensive and non-pharmaceutical solution to pet health problems such as lack of energy, poor skin conditions, unpleasant body and breath odour, weight issues, arthritis, candida, thyroid problems, hairballs and more.

Some natural veterinarians, who are aware of the coconut oil and pets studies, now recommend a twice-daily dose of coconut oil for animals, usually 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight. Check with your vet. There are a great many stories about coconut oil and pets. The oil is good for are: general wellness, more energy in older animals, glossier coats, reduction in bad breath and doggy odor, improvement in digestive disorders like colitis or inflammatory bowel syndrome, relief of arthritis and ligament problems, reduction of coughing and hairballs, faster healing of wounds, cuts, hot spots, cracked paws, bites and stings, elimination of fungal and yeast infections, treatment of eczema, dermatitis and itchiness, and control of diabetes.

Coconut oil for pets – benefits

Note, however, that you’ll need to try to keep your pet occupied for a few minutes after topical application, as coconut oil is slow absorbing. In addition, people have found that topical use of coconut oil improves ear infections, reduces flea allergies, and even helps get rid of moles. Use it to clean ears with, too! You can use coconut oil as toothpaste for your dog. But brush quickly, as your dog will likely try to lick all the oil off the toothbrush! Most animals love the taste of coconut oil, so it’s a very easy natural supplement to feed them.

Coconut oil is also a fat-burning food and helps overweight pets trim down their weight. For virtually any skin problem, coconut oil is great. To heal sores, add coconut oil to food, and massage some into the skin. Plus you’ll really like how your pet’s coat or fur will shine.

You may see quite a turnaround in older animals, as coconut oil gives a lot of energy, regulates so many bodily functions and provides relief from arthritis and joint pain. Another great benefit of coconut oil for pets is its detoxing qualities – great if your pet goes out at night and raids garbage cans or eats who knows what in the back alley.

Definitely, give coconut oil a try for your pets. BTW, everything above (except perhaps the part about eating from back alleys) applies to humans too. If you don’t already consume virgin coconut oil, add it to your daily regimen along with your pet’s.

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