Foods that are essential in the diet

Some time ago, foods like quinoa, flaxseed and chia, little known until then, began to attend the table of those who sought health on the plate, endorsed by a number of studies. But what say the recent and reliable studies about the food, in fact, are good for health and therefore must be part of our daily diet these days? Dra. Paula Vasconcelos, nutróloga the Volpi Space (SP) selected six items essences health and on which we will be hearing more wonders in the coming years. Are they:

  • 1. Turmeric.

Also known as turmeric, it is known that yellow spice that makes up the curry (spice mix). It is rich in curcumin effective substance in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and tendonitis. Lately, it has been touted as a powerful weapon in preventing cancer.

  • 2. Green Banana

One of the best food for the intestines, thanks to the starch it contains (found in the biomass obtained after its cooking). Favours the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and nutrient uptake, besides being a barrier against toxins. It is also touted as effective in preventing bowel cancer and combating diarrhoea and constipation.

  • 3. Chocolate

Thanks to cocoa, its main raw material par excellence, this food contains large amounts of antioxidants, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, that fight disease and slows the effects of ageing. Already a study released in 2015 in the American Journal Clinical, major US medical journal, also showed that chocolate is good for the heart and metabolism. But make no mistake: it is not all chocolate is good. “He must have at least 70% cocoa in its composition to produce the desired effects,” explains Dr Paula.

  • 4. Kefir

It is a probiotic produced from the fermentation of milk, yoghurt looks similar. Potentiates the biological value of milk protein decreases lactose intolerance, activates the immune system by increasing the resistance against infections and balancing the intestinal flora. It is also a holy remedy in preventing and combating constipation and diarrhoea. It can be prepared at home from any type of milk. Just add kefir grains that food, keeping it at a temperature suitably ranging between 18 ° and 30 °. Within 24 hours you will have more kefir, making the cyclical process.

  • 5. Sardinha

The credit here goes to the fatty acids, like omega 3, also present in salmon, tuna, in nuts and flaxseed. Aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and assist in the elasticity of the arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease. “Recently, this food is still being touted as effective in children diet for help in forming a healthy brain tissue”

  • 6. Avocado

Considered villain health for years for being too caloric and contain a fat truck that food had his redemption. Today it is known that fat is monounsaturated, that is beneficial for the heart. Recent studies also show that the avocado is rich in antioxidants such as glutathione and vitamins C and E, which act in preventing cancer and premature ageing.

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