How Coconut Oil Is Good For Dogs

If you are thinking that using coconut oil on your hair is good, well, does that mean it may be good for my dog as well?  The answer is yes – it is!  We all want shiny silky hair ourselves, and what is better than having shiny healthy hair on our dogs?  But what is especially promising about coconut oil for dags is that the healing properties come from within.  So often we look at a dog’s itching problems as unsurmountable.  But the topical application of coconut oil on dags is being shown to provide immense benefits.

Coconut oil is being used more and more to help dog’s skin, as well as their coats and joints. While it certainly can be taken internally, and we need to investigate this further, coconut oil is increasingly being seen as a beneficial topical application that can help dogs with skin conditions that are bothersome.

How can coconut oil alleviate a dog’s dry skin problems?

First off let’s be clear that we are talking about a virgin, unrefined and undiluted coconut oil – the natural oil from the plant as least processed as possible. While it is still early in the stages of research into coconut oil for dogs, it has been observed that it is quite beneficial. Used as a food supplement, it is seen to improve skin coat and joint from within

Putting coconut oil directly onto the skin helps to alleviate dryness, as well as reduces the swelling an irritation that occurs due to mites and ticks.  It also has been shown to help soothe rashes and calm hotspots on dogs’ skin.  Rubbing some onto irritated areas can keep a dog from chewing and further aggravating these areas of the skin.  Coconut oil for dogs skincare can become a routine of coconut oil for hair treatment for the whole family.

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