The Myths and Truths about Exercise

You have been hearing term exercise for ages. And frankly speaking, who don’t know what does that mean or how human beings are benefitted by exercise. But in recent times it has become an obsession to some which in turn has generated some myths regarding exercise and with every passing day, these myths are increasing as well. Are you thinking about what are they or what should you do? Just relax! Here are the myths and the facts for you:

  1. It is believed that if you exercise in the morning, it will give you better result as it can kick start your metabolism rate. You don’t have time in the morning? Then what will you do? Hey! Don’t worry. The truth is you can exercise any time you want that suits you, whether it is morning or noon or even at night. If you exercise in the morning, it makes you energetic whereas the mid-day workout gives you a refreshing feeling, which helps you to get over the afternoon dizziness. And the work out at night has a superb stress-relief power that helps in good blood circulation.
  2. One well-known myth is that you have to work out for at least half an hour to make your heart stronger. However, there is no truth in it. The fact is if you do a bit of exercise regularly, it will benefit your heart.
  3. If you want to lose weight and don’t want to do any strength training, you are doing the extremely wrong thing, because each exercise, including cardio as well as strength training, is necessary to make you lose your extra fat.
  4. Some people think that if you do not work out daily, the muscle of your body will be fatter. Just nonsense! Your body muscle can never be fatter, whether you work out or not.
  5. Many people prefer running to walking thinking that it will help in burning calories more than that of the latter. However, if you walk a mile or run a mile, you will burn the same calories.
  6. Are you going for your exercise? Have you eaten properly? No! Then just go and eat. Because a nutritious meal before a work out is very important for a better exercise. At least eat a banana or protein shakes if you cannot have the proper meal.
  7. Another common myth about exercise is you have to work out for a long time keeping the rate of your heart in the “fat-burning” range. Besides this, some believe that you have to work out very hard as well as frequently. But the truth is just the opposite. Any exercise in any form will help you to have a healthy body and you have to increase the intensity of your exercise in order to lose more fat from your body.
  8. Most of the women avoid strength training fearing that it will bulk them up. However, this particular exercise will help you to have a better appearance and make your muscle stronger.

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